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Regarding architectural model solutions, we are recognized as the biggest model-making firm globally, and we are known for being not just industry experts but also world leaders in model construction. We, as architectural models supplier, thrive on consistently producing high-quality scale models, producing more than 700 architectural models annually. As architectural models manufacturer, we collaborate closely with each of our clients. Thus, to provide the highest caliber presentation and display for all kinds of models.

China Architectural Models Factories

As architectural models supplier, we may help in designing scheme discussions and provide a visual representation of the architectural design scheme. Although the procedures involved in creating each architectural model created vary, they typically consist of five.

Step 1:

Thus, to furnish a quote, China architectural models factories need the following details: 

  • Model scale, dimensions, and boundaries. 
  • The completed customized architectural models in China are designed in CAD, JPD, or PDF format. 
  • Rendering (if any) for reference 
  • Destinations for installation and delivery. 
  • Date of anticipated completion for architectural model solutions. 

Step 2:

We require you to resend the most recent documentation after the quotation is verified. Howeve, it can guarantee that our model builders can create the model with the most recent design. Updated CAD master design with dimensions, range, and model limits, boundaries, and scope.

Step 3:

To ascertain the display impact of the whole model, we as architectural models manufacturer, will create a piece of the sample throughout the model’s manufacturing. Such as the model’s lighting impact, color coordination, texture, and structural features to make sure the customized architectural models in China adhere to your design philosophy. 

 Next, carry on with the entire model’s production.

Step 4:

We, as architectural models supplier, will send you expert architectural model solutions progress shots regularly after the model is under construction. It is beneficial for you to be aware of the model’s most recent state, and the anticipated time of completion, and to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly.

Step 5:

As architectural models manufacturer, we may be modified with an appropriate flight bag if you need to travel with the model or present it in numerous countries. Several instances attest to the suitcase’s availability.


What does an architectural overview model aim to achieve?
An architecture overview model serves as a high-level depiction of a structure or project. Thus, highlighting its main characteristics, massing, and general layout. 
How are models of buildings created? 
Architectural models have the following benefits: marketing, analysis, iteration, communication, and visualization. 
How are models of buildings created?
Using methods like physical building with cardboard or 3D printing, architectural models are created.