[July 2nd 2023] View old Shanghai through architectural model series:

By the end of the 19th century, Shanghai had become one of China’s largest trading ports, attracting a large number of foreigners and merchants to settle down into. These foreign populations brought new ideas and culture, making Shanghai a vibrant and innovative city. Today, we shall use architectural models to recreate the looks of old Shanghai, and introduce its past history.

As one of the oldest existing cinemas in China, the Grand Cinema once enjoyed a reputation of being the greatest cinema in the Far East. It was founded in 1928 through a joint collaboration between Chinese businessman Yongqing Gao and American Albert Warner, who was one of the founder of American Warner Bros.

The Grand Theatre has witnessed the history of Chinese movies within the past century, creating countless brilliant achievements and becoming a living example of the development process of Chinese film industry.

[Augest 4th 2023] Chenmen model appeared at EXPO(Tour view of RealTech EXPO):

The ” International Future Real Estate Technology Exhibition” (additionally referred to as “RealTech”), which focuses on future real estate, technology, and investment development in the Asia Pacific region, was successfully held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on August 3rd, 2023!
The conference lasted four days, with an exhibition area of 165000 square meters, including six major architectural-themed exhibition halls. Over 20 themed exhibition areas and over 60 summit forums were set up on-site, attracting 1200 leading enterprises to participate.
The models produced by Shanghai Chenmen Technology Co., Ltd. also appeared at the EXPO, contributed to the success of this year’s exhibition.