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Best Quality Scale Model For Architecture

As scale architectural models suppliers. We are a well-known, long-standing model-making firm with a stellar reputation for product quality and customer support. In addition to our specialty in architecture, we also build fiberglass, topographical, industrial, exhibition, and display models. We also provide laser engraving and cutting services for scale model for architecture.

No matter what you need, our skilled team of model makers can assist you. We, as scale architectural models suppliers, can transform two-dimensional concepts into three-dimensional realities, from a straightforward concept model to an intricate presentation model, from a gigantic snowball to a purple dragon. Thus, for your project, we can even incorporate movement, music, and lighting to create architectural scale model. 

Leading Scale Architectural Models Suppliers

More than 3,000 square meters of workspace equipped with efficient machinery, including stereo lithography, computer-milled topographic modeling, high-density resin casting, laser cutting, and 3D CAD scale model for architecture:

  • To ensure that your items are flawless, we may create models that meet your specifications in terms of size, scale, and other factors. 
  • OEM/custom-made services. However, as scale architectural models suppliers, can customize the scales for you if you only supply the drawings or photographs.

Architectural Scale Model Products

Architecture House Model 

  • Abs / Acrylic Plastic Material 2 * 1. 8M Scale Architecture House Model No. 1 of 100.
  • Scale Models for Architecture: 1 / 500 Scale Architecture Design Model.
  • Personalized Scale Measurement Model Home Building for Real Estate Exhibition.

House 3D Model

  • Pdf / Cad Drawing Building 3D Model, Commercial Interior Scale Model.
  • Inside 3D Model of Light Villa House with 10CM Wood Base Plate, 1 / 30 Scale. 
  • 3D Model of a Small Scale House with Figures and Trees and Color Rendering.
  • 3D Printing of a House with Laser Cutting and Handcrafted Artistic Wood Plate Base 

 Commercial Residential Building Model 

  • Cad / 3D Max Drawing Warm LED Light for Residential Use.
  • Customized architectural scale model 15CM Wood Plate Base 1 / 90 Scale.
  • Using a residential building model with LED lighting for advertising.


Which scale is most commonly found in architectural models? 
The most common sizes for architectural models are 1:50 or 1:100.
What is the ideal size for an architecture model? 
An architectural model should be both manageable and transportable in size, yet large enough to convey the design idea effectively
Why does architecture need scale? 
In architecture, scale is crucial because it helps designers, customers, and architects envision. Also, comprehend how various project parts relate to one another.